Shipping and Quality Guarantee


All products are made to order so please be patient as the blanks are added to the "Make" list and completed. We're always available to answer any questions through the Facebook messenger link at the bottom of the page or through the email Contact form. If you need to reach us, please do! I'll respond ASAP. We'll be aiming to ship your order within 10 days of receiving it. As a small operation, things happen and delays may occur depending on current order list. However, just as simply as a delay, we could have them shipped out within a couple days. It all depends what's on my plate at the time. As far as cost, best to keep things simple so 1 blank will ship USPS First Class bubble mailer for $4.00, 2-4 blanks will ship USPS First Class bubble mailer for $5.00, and 5-18 blanks will ship USPS Priority mail for $8.25 each. Orders with a higher quantity than 18 will be either split into 2 shipments of $7.95 or if you're ordering a lot more will ship USPS Medium Flat Rate Box for $14.00. And again, please reach out if there's a question. We are not responsible for any packages lost during shipping. Priority mail has a standard insurance rate and if you'd like to add additional insurance, please let us know. If a lost package incident occurs, you can file an insurance claim with USPS. Last thing we want is a lost package and you to be out the money paid for the order. For those reasons, please be sure to provide a shipping address that will receive the package securely. Thanks.

Satisfaction Guarantee

I take great pride in the finished products and wish nothing more than a pleasant experience for you while turning it. We're all human and sometimes things happen while turning that we don't expect. If you have an issue with one of these blanks that is believed to be the fault of the blank itself, a replacement will be sent as quick as possible shipped free or your money back for the failed blank. It's policy to ask for pictures and a description as to what went wrong so the issue can be avoided in the future. That said, please turn with very sharp tools, light cuts, and go easy if it's a new type of blank that you may not be used to. Turning Shark Vertebrae blanks is much different than a blank with only resin. Same to be said for a 3D blank vs a Worthless Wood blank, etc. So, let's hope for a great experience on both ends and I'd love to see what you make from these blanks!