Custom Orders & Contact Info

We're all about custom orders here so that needed to be a strong part of this site and therefore easy to use and communicate. Please send any questions to the form below. There is also a "Send us a message" button on the bottom right of the site. That will log you into Facebook and send a message directly to the Rapture Resins Facebook page. If you need something custom designed, or just want to inquire about a new resin color combo, or even an entirely new project in general; please reach out!

If you're making a purchase and would like a custom color or use a combo not listed on the product you're wanting, please just write in the text box describing the desired colors. Be sure to select the **Custom Order** from the product dropdown box.

As an example: You want to order an Alder Cone blank in the color combo "Cloak" but it's not in the Alder Cone dropdown. Simply Select **Custom Order** on the Alder Cone product page, select Custom in the next dropdown, then write "Alder Cone in Cloak combo" in the text box. Again, please don't hesitate to ask a question. It can be confusing with all the options - it was just the best and easiest way to incorporate both standard combo selections as well as custom options. Here to help anytime!